Design concept for Tucker Boulder Park.

Tucker Boulder Park will be a public climbing park located in Davis, West Virginia. 

Staying true to Tucker Countys character, the Boulder Park will create an aesthetically-pleasing, welcoming space, both for local residents and for those that visit the mountain to escape the confines of city and suburban life.

The public park will feature three custom-designed artificial boulders, with routes catering to all ages and skill levels. Design elements include adaptive features for challenged climbers. The small boulder will be designed specifically for young climbers and two larger boulders will be designed for novices and experts alike. The ground will be covered with rubberized mulch to allow for soft landings and courageous experimentation. 

All elements in the design concept are subject to available funding. 

What will the park look like?

Tucker Boulder Park is modeled after an existing park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: the Teton Boulder Project. The photos below come courtesy of that park (and/or Entre-Prises, the company that manufactured the boulders). They provide a glimpse of how the Tucker Boulder Park may look (with your help!).

The best climber in the world is the one who’s having the most fun.
— Alex Lowe, mountaineer.

Why climb?

  • Climbing offers real health benefits:
    • Improved cardiovascular health.
    • Weight loss.
    • Better-toned muscles.
  • Climbing offers amazing variety: routes for every skill and fitness level.
  • Climbing gets you outside!
  • Climbing brings people together; you never know who you’ll meet on the rock.
  • Conquering a tricky route gives you a great sense of accomplishment.