We are fortunate to have tremendous support from a community of generous donors.  Those who are "climbing", continue to support the project through multi-year donations.  Please join our effort.  Donate today!

Tucker Boulder Park has received major grant support from the West Virginia Department of Transportation Recreational Trail program and the Land and Water Conservation Fund program. Our thanks to Region VII and the West Virginia Development Office for their assistance and support.

Partners (Names listed on entrance sign to the park)

  • Tucker Community Foundation
  • Town of Davis
  • Dominion Foundation
  • Western Pocahontas Properties, Inc.

Mountaineer level donors
(recognized on Large landscaping boulders)

  • Doug & Carol Milam
  • Scott & Diane Hinkle
  • First Energy Foundation
  • White Grass / Team Boulder Park / Chip Chase & Laurie Little
  • Oakland Foundation
  • St. George Medical Clinic

Donors climbing to mountaineer level


  • Overton and Mary Bobo, in memory
  • Elaine Moore & Deborah McHenry
  • Deborah Mowe
  • Annalee Sanford Marshall, In memory by Lon & Glenda Marshall
  • Samuel F. Marshall, In memory by Lon & Glenda Marshall
  • M & T Charitable Foundation

Crux donors (recognized on landscaping plaque)


  • Chris & Hilary Boyce
  • Grant County Bank
  • Chapman Technical Group
  • Cooper & Preston PLLC
  • Fairfax Stone
  • Falling Green Fund
  • Ryan Haws
  • Heart of the Highlands
  • Ben & Lauren Hinkle, Emme & Adlee
  • Jason Kitzmiller / A.L.L. Construction, Inc.
  • Athey & Maggie Lutz
  • John & Pam Lutz
  • Lon & Glenda Marshall in memory of Annalee Sanford Marshall
  • M&T Bank Charitable Foundation
  • Mettiki Coal
  • Jeff Nelsen
  • Jason Sites / Sites Law Firm
  • Tucker County Parks & Recreation
  • Tucker County Trails
  • Wilson-Hauger Family

Ascent donors (Annual Report and Newsletter listing)


  • Edward Amos, DDS
  • Don & Gloria Austring
  • Dan & Tonya Barkley*
  • Roscoe & Diane Beall
  • Sally L. Brenton
  • Emily J. Brenton
  • Adam Chase
  • David Cooper
  • Jason Cyr & Sarah Deacon
  • Trudy & Bill Defoyd
  • Denbigh & Associates
  • Dave, Genna, Bennett & Cody Drazen
  • DVR Enterprises LLC
  • East West Printing / Alice Fleischman
  • Todd Eardenshohn
  • Jeanette Englelstad
  • Paula Flaherty
  • Elizabeth Hereford
  • Barbara Hinkle
  • Karen Kane
  • Tim & Kim Keck
  • Erica & Michael Kraemer
  • Charlene Lang
  • Wendy Latimer
  • Molly Line
  • Kathleen Maroney
  • Barb & Mike McInerney
  • Andrew, Kelly, Maple, Hazel & Hawthorne Meekins
  • Susan Moore (Bright Morning Inn)
  • Suzanne Murphy & Jay Gartenhaus
  • Zac & Jarolyn Phillips family
  • Kathryn Robinson
  • Rolando & Susan Ray
  • Pam Ruediger
  • Daniel & Eileen Simpson
  • Anne Cecilia Smith & Ron Ulle
  • Mariwyn Smith
  • Susan Smith
  • Gary Westling
  • West Virginia Paving
  • LaVerna White
  • Gerri & Bruce Wilson
  • Mary Jane Wilson
  • Kristen Wright
  • Catherine & Scott Young

Anchor donors (Annual report and Newsletter listing)


  • Clare Anderson
  • Anderson - Ujvagi family
  • Thomas Breach
  • Michael Broderick
  • Jane Browning & Doug Hockom
  • Dianna Buchness
  • Navaeh Burdock
  • Larry Camp
  • Tom Cecil
  • Lyle Cosner
  • Doug Downs
  • Farmer - McCann family
  • Andrew Gault
  • Michael Geary
  • Lynn & Roger Goodwin
  • Green Rivers
  • Peter Habuda
  • Sue Haywood
  • L.E. & Ben Herrick
  • Mary Ann Hiser
  • Jonny Hudson
  • Charlotte Johnson
  • Laura Lengowski
  • Saleh & Ragan Lutz
  • Lemma McClean
  • Katie McInerney
  • Cassandra Michaud
  • Kevin Moore
  • Tina Dearborn-Nelson
  • James Odom
  • Mark & Yoko Palmisiano
  • Mason & Nate Powell
  • Tom Preston
  • Nathaniel Rader
  • Ed & Diane Rader
  • Raul & Gus Ramirez
  • Aaron Ray
  • Tammy Robbins
  • Rebecca Robeson
  • Eric Rothschild
  • Pam Reudiger
  • Matthew & Angie Shockley
  • Frank & Barb Slider
  • Lisa Stanley
  • Delaney Stull
  • Keith Strausbaugh & Ivonne Martinez
  • Thomasyard*
  • Al & Maryanne Tomson
  • Johnna Van Keuren
  • Toni Witzemann

*In Kind Support

Special thanks to our local community of climbers,

  • Adam Chase
  • Corey Murphy
  • Jonny Hudson
  • Joel Wolpert
  • Jason Cyr


Special Thanks to the Mayor of Davis,

 Davis Town Council, Davis P&R, and the town employees.


Updated 12/1/2017


Boulder Design Team

Adam Chase

Adam grew up in the close-knit community of Canaan Valley, WV. At the age of seventeen, he caught the climbing bug, scaling nearby Seneca Rocks and bouldering his way through the Dolly Sods Wilderness. When he enrolled at West Virginia University (majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism), Adam continued climbing at Coopers Rock State Forest and at the university's indoor wall.

In 2008, Adam moved to Boulder, CO and climbed extensively in the Front Range of the Rockies. More recently, he returned to West Virginia and worked as a climbing guide at the Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata. He currently resides in Davis, WV.


Corey Murphy


Corey is a 22-year-old Industrial Design major at James Madison University. He is from Montgomery Country, Maryland, but has climbed in many parts of the country. He currently works at James Madison University’s recreation center, at the rock wall. He has experience in wood working, computer-aided imaging and rendering, and many other 3D mediums.

“The design process fascinates me, and I am very excited to be a part of the one for the Tucker Country Boulder Park. I’ve been climbing for almost three years now, and don’t see myself stopping in the near future. It has become a top passion of mine; the mental and physical energy that is required of the activity enthralls me. It is exciting to know that with my help, new and old climbers   


Other contributors


Back Row:  Bill Waite, Shanna Walker, Kurt Johnson

Front Row: Suan Bean, Alice Fleischman,  Ruth Melnick, Jack Melnick, Chuck Richard, Adam Renkiewicz

East West  Printing, located in downtown Davis, WV has been providing wardrobe staples since the early 80's.  Working with 3 community volunteers, they designed and produced the Tucker County Rocks t-shirt.   

East West Printing is 110% in support of the Tucker County Rocks boulder park project. As residents, parents, hikers, bikers and climbers, we can easily see how this accessible and 'visible' recreation opportunity will benefit the community and our growing tourism industry.  All I can say is Rock On TCF!!

Alice Fleischman
East West Printing, Inc.


Heart of the Highlands Trail System


Heart of the Highlands Trail System is a nonprofit organization working closely with Tucker County public land agencies and stakeholders, since 2008, to create and promote a network of outstanding quality, multi-use trails and related amenities to enhance the county's recreation and economic potential.

"This project aligns directly with the Heart of the Highlands mission. A completed Tucker Boulder Park and connecting trail will support increased recreational and business opportunities for Tucker County. We are excited to support the Tucker Boulder Park and are looking forward to constructing its accompanying pedestrian and bicycle trail connecting the proposed Allegheny Highlands Rail Trail extension, along Corridor H, to the Tucker Boulder Park and to the Town of Davis."

Julie Dzaack
Heart of the Highlands Project Administrator


Matt helped launch the Boulder Park’s online initiatives, including this web site and the park’s Facebook page.

Matt received his Master of Divinity from Duke Universitys Divinity School (Durham, NC) in 2010. He currently works as a marketing specialist on CBRE’s Microsoft account, designing and developing digital content for Microsoft offices across North America. He and his wife Emily live in Davis, WV.